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ROAM is healthcare for a connected world
Finding healthcare services abroad is hard, but it doesn’t need to be.

Our Product

ROAM seamlessly connects expats and travelers to healthcare services abroad based on their needs, preferences, and expectations. How does it work? Our product is separated into 3 features: a detailed health system guide, a curated directory of English-speaking providers, and finally a direct booking concierge service.
Chris Motz
CEO & Founder

Our Company

We are a web platform that connects you to high-quality, English-speaking healthcare services wherever you need them. We all know how stressful it can be when you become unwell abroad and need to find a doctor. Where do you go? How much is it going to cost? Will I actually get the care I need? Our mission is to make healthcare access ubiquitous, all round the world.

ROAM Medical was founded by Chris Motz after he struggled to find an English-speaking dentist in Tokyo when his retainer broke. No one should be scared when they get sick in a new country. Our mission is to make healthcare access ubiquitous around the world, so you can feel at ease away from home, wherever that is.
ROAM is live in Tokyo. We will launch in Seoul and Singapore later this year, but we plan to expand as far as possible.
Use ROAM to find English-speaking health care services in Tokyo today.
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